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We are a social StartUp working on innovative consumption solutions, focussing on eco-friendly 3D Printing and organic cosmetics. Dedicated to sustainability and a circular economy, we utilize the collaborative potential of both sectors. Operating under the premise of peaceful coexistence with the planet and its inhabitants, we prioritize impact before profits, aiming to create truly organic & sustainable products.

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With Monophases, we want to contribute to Social Development. We want to prove that especially a business guided by strong ethical values succeeds! The current status calls for immediate actions and we believe that a shift in consumption is a vital part of the solution.

Extractive economies for the luxury of exaggerated consumerism but the price of self-destruction. We want to combat short-life plastic goods with multipurpose alternatives made from eco-friendly materials.
Recycling, Upcycling & Circularity.

We want to promote a lifestyle attitude designed by health & sustainability. Easily find transparent information, gain awareness and feel encouraged for ethically correct decisions. It is our aspiration to actively shift consumer attitudes and deliver solutions close to the customer.

The beauty industry is particularly responsible for microplastic and package waste floating around. Most consumers own between 11 and 50 beauty products, sometimes only used for a couple of days - microplastic and horrendous amounts of package trash included. We work on solutions to actively support better waste management.


Concept Stores: Uniting organic Café, Cosmetics and Eco-friendly 3D Print. Our solution to prosper green growth - lifely & close to the customer. Step by step, adopting a holistically sustainable concept.

Who Are We.

We’re are a young team of entrepreneurs, environmentalists, multiculturalists, equalists (yes, we know, no woman on the team yet… female advice is indispensable, we’re working on it!!), music fanatics, global travelers, night owls. We’re emotional human beings not finding satisfaction in the current business practice of our capitalistic system. Our values and future expectations made us start this project, finding a way to exert a positive impact.

Meet Our Team.

Damian Eder

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder


Nando Knodel

Chief Operation Officer/Co-Founder


Akash Sharma

Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder


  • "The earth has music for those who listen!"

  • "There is no Planet B"

  • "Live as One"

  • "All you need is less"

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Monophases SRL
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39012 Merano (BZ)

P.IVA: IT 030 24790218
PEC: monophases@pec.it

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Head Office, Italy:

Mob. No.:      +39 340 743 2039
Landline No.: +39 0473 016017

Branch Office, Germany:

Mob. No.:      +49 162 414 2201